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Friday, 19 January 2007

I'm phasing out the domain and I would like to ask you to please make the changes in your favorites. There will be two new address' which should be redirected within a day or so and you can use either one and the old address will still work, but as I said ,it will be phased out. The address is www.die-yuppie-scum or .I got out today for a ride, it was in the high 30's almost 40 and the same tomorrow, but we're supposed to get our first snowfall Saturday night. Over the years I have tried just about every kind of cold weather riding clothes and I have finally got a pretty good setup going that keeps me toasty warm without the bulk. My first suggestion is to get some of those leather over pants instead of chaps. They cover you completely, are easier to get on and off and keep out any draft. Mine have dual zippers that run all the way up the leg and they also zip down, so if you were to get to warm, you can zip it down a little from the top and let some air in(jamin'leather for less then $100). The next on my list of favorite's is thinsulate fleece lined jeans. Ladies, you will have a hard time finding these in small sizes. You can get them(LLBean, Bass Pro) , but they are relaxed fit and they are HUGE and they don't come smaller than a size 6. They fit under the leather pants, but wouldn't work good under chaps because of the excess material. I lucked out a few years ago and found a brand New Down filled leather similar to a bomber style jacket at the church thrift store for $5.00. That coat is so warm that all I wear underneath it is a  underarmor type insulated top with maybe a light t-shirt, no bulk what so ever. The feet I have also found a cure for. I got some of those insulted hunting thermal insoles, pulled the old ones out of the Carolina's and all I wear for socks is a very light pair of sock liners (sierra trading post) and a light pair of sock's and no frozen feet. The frozen hands, we've all been there. I have had a lot of problems with my left hand from having surgery on my finger's and they have no circulation. I'm not one to ever indorse HD clothing, but I have to say, on the recomendation of a friend who swore by these gloves, I got a pair. I had some free credit to spend there anyway, so I used it up. This is the first pair of gloves in 30 years that actually keep my fingers from going numb without the bulk of big winter gloves. They are leather Gore-Tex gauntlets, HD brand and they are the bomb! I did notice that the ladies large and the men's small were about the same in size , but the mens actually felt thicker and they have the flexible knuckles where as the ladies don't. So if your a woman that can wear a man's small, go for the guy's instead. Last on the list of course is a fullface. You would not belive how many people that used to ride without a helmet now come up and tell me they can't believe how nice it is when it's cold or rainy out. I wear a light neck warmer, I just got a new one from my sis for Christmas and it's leather and very comfortable. You can get a good cheap light fleece one for about $5.00. Thicker is not better with a fullface, it make's it hard to turn your head. Just make sure you pull it up between your chin and helmet and let me tell you, you can ride all day like this, comfortable when it's 30 out. Just watch out for ice, my problem today was the cinders on the road especially at the stop signs, they can be bad if you have to stop real fast. I'll be laying on the beach this time next week, have a good week, CG

Posted by CruelGirl at 9:28 PM CST
Updated: Sunday, 21 January 2007 5:19 PM CST

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