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Sunday, 4 March 2007


I woke up yesterday with an aching pain on myleft shoulder blade. I took a look in the mirrior and it was swollen and red and my first thought was Brown Recluse. We are known for Brown Recluse in MO. and they get their name Recluse because they like to hide in stuff, so the odd's of geting bit while your sleeping are pretty rare. I pulled back the bed covers and looked around but didn't find anything. I'm not sure how many days it takes for the sore to develope, but two nights prior I went out to the mud room and grabbed a raincoat to run up to the barn that had been hanging since last summer under my Carhardt's. The first coat I grabbed had a Mud Dabber nest built in it, so I grabbed another one , checked for nest's, but not for spiders. There may have been one nestled in there for the winter since they can go six months without eating. I know enough that these are horrible spiders to get bit by and I wasn't taking any chances, so I took myself to the emergency room. The diagnosis was definitely a spider bite, but what I didn't know is there is no cure for a Brown Recluse. The only thing they can do is put you on antibiotic's and you have to wait until the bite is done eating your flesh away and than if it's bad enough, a skin graph. Today is day two and it's very red and swollen and I'm hoping that the round spot I see doesn't develope into a blister, if it does, than I need to be concerned. I have been bitten by spiders before, but have never had a reation like this. So I'm on some heavy duty antibiotics. I should know in the nesx day whether or not it's the dreaded Brown Recluse. No riding this weekend, high of 26 yesterday and I have Karate today, but I did get another ride in this past week, had to drop off the OM's bike for a handlebar recall on the Dyna. They are telling us that we are in for a big warm up this week, I sure hope so. I have my first real ride of the Year on the 16th and I'm headed to Chicago, so I'm hoping the snow will be gone by than. Have a great week, CG

Posted by CruelGirl at 8:22 AM CST

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