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Thursday, 13 March 2008


Thumbs Up to Geraldine Ferraro for finally getting the message out there. This now IS about race.Back in October, Clinton had about 70% of the black voters, now Obama has 90%. Why is it if your white anything you say negative about o-BOMB-a is racist? Why is that the Media will not confront him with all his racist friends and aquaintances? Did any of you hear the news clip from his pastor in Chicago saying "GOD DAMN AMERICA, GOD DAMN AMERICA and other statements saying a "WHITE HILLARY CLINTON"? If that's not racist, I don't know what is and OBOMBA's fuckin' wife is just as bad.What about his friend in the World Underground,William Ayers who declared War on the US? What about the close relationship with his preacher that gave FaraKKKan a Lifetime achievement award? Yet OBOMBA will not denounce either of these two guys, he was married by this pastor, has been a member of the Church for 20 years( although i still belive he has a lot of Muslim hiding in that suit), had his children baptized there, whom by the way, their motto is Unashamedly Black. Can you imagine if Clinton or McCain went to a Church that said Unashamedly White? Obomba himself said he titled his book after his pastor, his so called spiritual leader, his mentor Jeramiah Wright.He re is the link to the video news clip and you'll find some windows below it that also have this pastor of his showing HIS true Color.

I would hope to think that I'm not alone here with the people that visit this site. I guess I'm watching way to much of the political news these days, maybe I'm the only one. You need to watch some CNN or FNC and you'd know what is really going on.I have never really claimed myself to be a democrat or republican, I vote for who I think can do the best job. I don't give a damn about what the Clinton's did in their private life, my life was good, your life was good. McCain seem's to have only one thing on his list of things to do and that is win this war, I would like to think that he would bring something else to the table that would give our country some hope of pulling out of this recession and if you didn't know it, we have been in one for the past four months. 55,000 Americans are losing there homes every month. We can blame this all on the Bush administration and he has left alot of us afraid to even consider another Republican in office as our President.But now McCain is taking back what he promised on cutting taxes, he got his nomination, he doesn't care now. But...I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A RACIST HIDING BEHIND A SUIT WITH THE BACKBONE OF A FUCKIN' WORM. IT'S TIME SOMEONE (AND THEY ARE STARTING TOO)EXPOSES HIM FOR WHAT HE REALLY IS. I never thought of myself as a racist before but this whole oBOMBa thing is starting to get to me. Someone said to me the other day"If my grandfather knew it would be like this he would have picked his own cotton." Am I sounding racist? Good, because I am fuckin' tired of being the minority.

On another subject, should have Cruella back together this weekend, just need to get a gasket and some gear oil. It was 80 here yesterday, got a short 100 mile ride in, first time without a leather or leather coveralls. Today was just as nice, high 60's, but to much to do around here to get any riding done. I'm taking my two yellow belts to our first Tournament this weekend. They are making me very proud with their hard work and effort. I'm going to compete too, first time since October, I think, some time before the shoulder surgery.I will be in Minnesota for the Donnie Smith Bike Show at the St. Paul Rivercenter the 29-30th. Stop by and say hi to my sister's and I, we will be sharing a booth with the MN HA and we'll have some new Hellkats Support Gear. As always, have a Great week, thanks for your letter's, I read each and every one and feel free to leave your comments at the guestbook, CG

Posted by CruelGirl at 11:05 PM CDT
Updated: Friday, 14 March 2008 2:12 PM CDT

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