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Sunday, 8 June 2008


I know I have been on the politic's to much the past few month's , but I am so over the bullshit after watching and listening to the DNC meeting last week that I will still vote this year and it will be for JOHN MCCAIN and that's the end of this topic at least until election time. With the rising cost of gas my truck sit's pretty idle these days except for a biweekly trip to the feedstore and grocery's. I took a ride to MN for the Memorial Day weekend and we made a stop at the Bond Slaves party and we had our bikes packed with tent's and sleepings bags, no real set destination, just ready to setup camp when and where we felt like it. Got ready to leave the Bond Slaves and head east to another getogether and I started my bike and as soon as I put it in gear it died and I lost all power. My dash and everything went completely dead. My first instinct was the battery ground. I unpacked the entire bike, pulled the seat and the ground cable was a little loose and sure enough the power came back. Thought that was it, loaded it all back up, hit the button and it went dead again. I do have a volt gauge and I know it was charging correctly when I turned it off. So we pulled it all apart again, pulled the bags,side covers and started looking for a bad wire something. Nothing. Next thing you know, power is back. I rode it around the area a bit and nothing would shut it down so we we loaded him up and took off. What I needed was a volt meter to check the battery itself, but none to be found. We crashed the night at a private party, stayed lazy all the next day and I headed home on Monday, well almost. I was barely out of Minneapolis and my bike shut off going down the road, then kicked back on. Since it was Memorial Day, all the dealerships were closed and it is inder warranty. I made a few phone calls and found out that one was open back about 30 miles for a few hours with limited service so I headed back since I knew I wasn't going to make it home. I told them the sympton's, told them that even though  my charging system was working, it was like all my power was being cut off from the battery. They pulled the fairing apart,pulled the bags and covers, ran computer check and no error codes. I must have been there 2.5 hours and they finally took it for a ride, came back and told me they couldn't find anything,and of course he wouldn't act up for them. I'm like what the fuck am I supposed to do, get back on the road and get stranded in the middle of Iowa? They were looking at me like I was some stupid chick that was making this shit up and I stood there and hit my start button a few times and on the third time it went DEAD! I was like Hah, I told you so. One of the techs that was working in a different room yells out, that's the battery! I never knew that they never bothered to check the battery itself in that 2.5 hours, I just assumed they would, not! They put the meter on it it and it was drawing zero! The plates inside was broke, that's all it was and since it wasn't warranty on the battery, it cost me $182.00 to finally get back on the road. They asked if I wanted them to put it in and I was like am I going to get charged for this, well yeah at least half hour labor now, and I'm like, well then stick it in. I didn't make it all the way home that night, I rode until dusk and smart move to get a room because there were more storms on the way overnight. I spent the last week cutting the pasture's, got a good tan started. This coming weekend is my big International Tournament and awards banquet. I didn't get to compete much because of the shoulder surgery but I still managed to squeeze out second place in kata and sparring overall for the year end awards, so I will have put on the yearly dress and go to the awards banquet. Actually, I don't mind at all getting dressed up once in awhile. I'm planning on making the Freedom Rally over the 4th. Have a great week, CG

Posted by CruelGirl at 10:54 PM CDT

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