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Wednesday, 2 July 2008




I know I said no more Politic's but I feel I owe you and our Country an apology for ever supporting Hillary Clinton as I was blinded by the DNC. I feel like a fool for not looking further into John McCain's background and allowing myself to listen to all the lies from the left. He is no doubt the BEST canidate that we have to choose from. This week my husband got the news that he will be loosing his job at Chrysler after more than 20 years due to them closing the STL plant. This is the second time since we have been married that my husband will loose his job at an American Auto Plant. People are flocking to the Imports and the Dems will not drill for oil. My suggestion to them is that each family get themselves a ricshaw and take turns hauling one another around and give up their gas and diesel powered cars. To any of you that are drinking the Obomba KoolAide, how the HELL are you going to run that Harley on windpower or electricity, huh? And THEY don't want to even do that right now for wind power is an eye sore and it will kill the birds, can't use water power, it will kill the Salmon. Can't build giant solar panels in barren desert because they don't know what effect it will have on the enviorment if we steal energy from the SUN! No Nuclear Power, did you know that France is run on 80% Nuclear Power?We are the safest Nation when it comes to Enviromental Protection and the fact that they don't want to drill for oil is rediculous. Do you think any of these foreign countries that we have let ourselves become dependant on give a damn about the enviroment when it comes to drilling?Obama is going to double the Capital Gains Tax, now that my husbandis losing his job, that is going to effect us with our life savings for his retirement. He is going to tax Inheritance, taking away Bush's Tax cut, he is going to tax us about a billion dollars to go for Global funding to feed the rest of the world when we can't even afford to feed our own people. He has the nerve to say he is more qualified than John McCain because he is a Harvard Grad, fuck him! The only experience he has is sitting for 20 years in a racist church that spews hate against white people from every pew, hanging around with a unrepented terrorist who he sat on the board with for the Woods foundation which is linked on Trinity's Church website. How convient that they have now pulled the archived Grants that he and William Ayers gave to all these hate groups, go to the website, their gone. Overnight his nasty wife has turned into Martha Stuart. When it comes to National Security and our economy, John McCain is the only answer that we have.How dare them put down John McCain's military service to our country! I guess the people don't realize that we don't have a Draft, the people enlisting in our Military to go fight for our country are doing it because they WANT TO YOU DUMB FUCKS! I have two nephews that enlisted because they WANTED TO GO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY! You don't think that they realized that they may sacrifice their lives for us when they did this? My father was a Navy Seal and gave more than 20 years of his life to our Military. My uncle was a POW. All the men in my family including my Immigrant Grandfather served this country Proudly and Obomba can stick his new found patriotism up his ass! Have a Great Independance Day and I'll see ya at the Freedom Rally, CG




Posted by CruelGirl at 8:29 AM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 2 July 2008 9:56 PM CDT

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