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Tuesday, 22 July 2008



Still feeling the exhaustion from this past week in CA. I went for a tournament and got time to spend with somes friends out there too. The tournament turned out to be a flop, not at all what we had invisioned it to be, in fact, we were disapointed to say the least. It was 2nd place down the line for my Sensei, Kim and myself in kata and Kim took 1st in underbelt sparring. They imposed these RULES while we were there, no groin contact, no excessive contact, no blood, no this, no that...........There was only two girls for me to fight with and they gave me the bye for the first fight, so I would fight the winner of that fight. Well they barely got going and the center judge started imposing excessive calls on the one girl which were not excessive at all, next thing you know the other girl is going down to the ground, looked like she fainted, it was weird, but the other girl got DQ'd, the winner was on the ground and I had no one to fight. So I called on my Student Kim to do an exhibition fight with their permission and they said yes since she was my student. We decided we would show them how this was supposed to be done and before you know it the ref stops the fight, tells us to keep it under control and I'm like, this is my student, believe me, she can take the punishment as well as dish it out. I played with her a bit, but don't get me wrong, she can definitely pull her own.We got a big round of applause for entertaining the crowd. Lot's of wasted money going there, but I spent a few days with my friend and he took me sight seeing around the LA area, so it was more like vacation than a tournament for me. I gave my medals to the little girl at the home where he lives. Ok, for all you John McCain Supporters, Kellie Pickler and Kid Rock Fans, they will all be at the Buffalo Chip on the same day, Monday, August 4th, I will be there, my one oportunity to hear him speak. Please take a moment and watch this video link below. Have a great week, CG

These pic's were taken during the briefing of the rules, you can see the "U GOTTA BE KIDDIN" look on our faces when they were telling us what the contestants would not be allowed to do during the sparring

Posted by CruelGirl at 10:37 PM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 July 2008 11:12 PM CDT

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